Friday, May 12, 2006

At Encino Park in the South Valley

Los Angeles - The Department of Recreation and Parks opened the first tricycle/wheelchair track in the City of Los Angeles on Monday, May 8, 2006. With over 160,000 special needs children in Los Angeles County, the special track at Encino Park was well overdue.

The new tricycle/wheelchair track was created to help bridge the gap between able-bodied children and children with special needs. The entire facility is "Universally Accessible". The tricycle track complex is designed to allow both disabled children, in wheelchairs, manually or electric powered, to participate side by side with able bodied children on tricycles, "big wheels" and other similar foot powered vehicles to play and participate in a fun and healthy activity.

Project details include appropriately scaled elements, usually found on public roads, such as traffic signs and a gasoline filling station, fencing and landscaping. Other improvements include benches for onlookers and two gated entrances allowing easy access to the track for parents and caregivers.

The $94,000 project was funded by Proposition K and was built by Recreation and Parks construction forces and their subcontractors. The community of Encino helped prepare the detailed program which created the basis for the overall project design.

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