Thursday, October 02, 2008

Wilmington's Ambassador Street Skate Plaza

Wilmington - Skate Parks with half pipes, ramps and pool bowls are out. Skaters have gone back to their roots, to the place where they first learned how to skate, ollie and grind, the streets. The newly remodeled Ambassador Plaza at Wilmington Recreation Center is a haven for today's "street skater". It is the first 100 percent Street Skate Park in the United States.

The all-granite and concrete Plaza features benches, handrails and stairs. The Street Skate Park idea was launched by the Ambassador Series, a program that unites community leaders, corporations and celebrities with the goal of urban revitalization.

The Plaza's re-opening on September 27, 2008 proved that street skating is in. Over 400 skater of all ages helped break in the new skate park. Professional skateboarders Paul "P Rod" Rodriguez, who helped design the park, and Daewon Song attended the festivities, which included giveaways from Nike, Plan B, Nixon Watches and EMU.

Wilmington's Ambassador Skate Plaza represents the current style of skating and skate park design. The new park also represents the change of Department regulations on skate parks. The Ambassador Plaza will not have a $1-a-month user fee or require skaters to wear helmets and other protective gear, staying true to the street skating style. Wilmington Recreation Center is located at 325 Neptune Avenue, Wilmington 90744.

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